3 Areas of Focus for Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior design is a very specific field of work. However, several areas need to be considered when designing commercial spaces.

The first area to consider in commercial interiors is the level and type of lighting needed for each space and its activity. How much light will be necessary? What types of lights should we use, such as fluorescent or halogen?

And how can we make sure that the lights are bright enough for certain activities, such as reading in a waiting room, but not too harsh for other tasks like filling out paperwork? The level and type of lighting should be carefully considered at each step of commercial interior design to ensure an efficient space with a balance between comfort and functionality.

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Another important area to consider in commercial interiors is storage. Where will the tools and materials be stored? Where will employees or clients put away their belongings after using them? A good retail interior design should have a place for everything, whether on a shelf or hanging from a hook. Storage can also include recycling bins that are easily accessible and garbage cans that are big enough to accommodate refuse.

A last major area of focus for commercial interiors is the restroom facilities. What should they look like? How many stalls should there be? Where will trash receptacles and hand dryers go? These are just some questions to consider when designing a commercial space with restrooms.

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