A guide to chatbots: Things small business in Singapore need to know!

Customer support, for obvious reasons, is one of the key concerns for most businesses. Instead of spending huge on an in-house call center, you can reduce operational expenses by opting for chatbots. The market for chatbots Singapore is huge and is expected to touch the mark of $9.4 billion in the next four years. Here is a quick guide to chatbots for small businesses.

What is a chatbot anyway?

Chatbots are designed to be virtual customer support executives. These are powered by machine learning and AI, and you can expect to increase consumer engagement considerably, by being available for your consumers 24×7. While chatbots can replace the need for humans to a good extent, these do have upfront costs, but the investment is easy to recover.

Will my company need customer representatives?

The best chatbots are designed to answer complex questions and queries, but if a consumer needs customized attention or has specific questions, your team of human customer support experts can help. This is exactly how some of the biggest companies with volumes of customer queries are managing support.

Check the pros and cons of chatbots and review options before deciding on this. For most small businesses, chatbots are worth the investment.

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