Before You Surface Coat – Use Abrasive Blasting To Do The Job Right.

The job of cleaning up old paint, rust and other things from the surface is an incredibly difficult job if you have to do it by hand. This is why many people prefer to use abrasive blasting because it cleans everything off the surface for you in only a matter of moments and it leaves the right kind of surface that we need in order to be able to apply some kind of coating. Figures suggest that it is 75% faster than doing it by hand, so this is something that cannot be ignored.

There are many ways to utilise abrasive blasting in Perth and they include using beads, wheel blasting, wet abrasive blasting and others. If you’re not familiar with this excellent way to prepare any surface then maybe the following benefits may get you to change to it.

  • It’s incredibly inexpensive – The fact that you are able to clean the surface much more quickly ends up saving you a lot of money in man hours and so it ends up saving you money over the long term. It is especially useful for removing rust on any metal surfaces that you have to work with. From a business point of view, it makes perfect sense to switch to this method of cleaning rather than continuing to use the older traditional method of doing it by hand.
  • It is much more effective – When trying to do this job by hand, it means that generally speaking it isn’t done that well and so abrasive blasting is much more effective. It is able to reach those hard to get to places and so you end up cleaning the whole surface from back to front and side to side.
  • It’s easy to do – Almost anyone can perform this task and as long as you follow essential safety procedures then the job can be done quickly and easily. It is also much kinder to the environment as many of these types of abrasive blastinging are reusable and so you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

It is clear to see that abrasive blasting is the way to clean surfaces more efficiently and more effectively and if your business hasn’t been using it up until now, then maybe it’s time for a change in direction. The thing to remember however is that, it is incredibly important to work in low humidity areas which will help to take away the moisture that would stop any protective coating from drying properly.

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