Chocolate Depositor Machine: Making Quality Chocolates

A machine used in the production and storing of filled and deposited chocolates is a chocolate depositor. This is used in small scale production, medium production, and large scale production. It makes production easier because of its accuracy and precision due to a PLC panel installed, responsible for maintaining correct temperatures and processes.

Importance of chocolate depositor

The main purpose of using a chocolate depositor machine is to maintain accuracy and precision in pouring the chocolate at a proper speed and time interval. The timing and speed are two of the most important factors, helping to store chocolates properly. It arranges mass channel nozzles to store or cover a wide range of smooth chocolates and fluid fillings. Having small side hoppers helps in storing small size ingredients as well. The chocolate depositor machines are fully automatic with PLC panels, ensuring smooth, easy, and convenient machine parameters. These are mainly used for dispatching chocolate fillings and chocolate shells. The PLC panel is set accordingly to heat the chocolate and keep it at a proper temperature.

Range of chocolate depositors

The chocolate depositor machine is further classified depending on its utility and place of use. The machine’s size and functions can vary from model to model and from the purpose of use to area of use. A few of the models are as follows:

  • SE14 depositor: This machine model is suitable for large scale production because of its high speed and accuracy. This machine is used for depositing solid chocolates and filled chocolates.
  • ETX depositor: This machine is best suited for medium to large scale production. It fulfills the purpose of high sugar content deposit due to its reliability and high accuracy.
  • Sophus flexible depositor is suitable for small to medium production, being cost-effective for solid chocolates and filled chocolates.
  • EP2 depositor: This machine is suitable for medium to large scale production as it makes switching from products to deposit easy.
  • ESA depositor: This machine is suitable for medium to large scale production because it makes the movement of masses flawless.
  • Aasted nilshot depositor: This is suitable for small to medium scale production, and it is easier to create filled deposited chocolates and solid deposited chocolates.
  • Bertha stencil depositor: This machine is suitable for perfectly shaped cookies, crackers, and cakes.
  • Chip depositor: This machine is suitable for small scale R&D of produced chips, providing high-quality chips with accuracy.

The benefit of these machines is profitable to the producing companies as the results are outstanding. The accuracy and precision these machines provide help maintain the quality of the chocolates and chips.

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