Five Benefits of Hydraulic Tensioners

The use of a stud or bolt as a fastener requires putting enough force to keep the joint in place.  Applying low force will make the joint fail. In these conditions, hydraulic tensioners can offer many benefits. The hydraulic force will make it easier to deal with any tightening issue. This will save operators a lot of time on rework. Some of the common applications these tools include cranes, heat exchangers, wind turbines, pressure vessels, valves and pumps, and others. Using a hydraulic tension provides the following benefits:

Makes Stud Loading Accurate and Repeatable

A hydraulic based tensioner is composed of a special kind of hydraulic cylinder. The area of the cylinder that has been offered by the hydraulic pump will determine the amount of pressure. Different parameters can be accurately tracked and controlled. This makes it possible to obtain the tensioning of the stud according to the specific requirements. The applied load is controlled accurately as it’s directly proportional to the pressure applied to the tensioner.

Ensure Uniformity in Stud Loading

In a lot of applications, gaskets might need to be used for loading every stud. By introducing hydraulic tensioner for stud, better results are expected and a number of studs can be used together. The tensioners to be used for these studs are arranged in a way that they can be controlled using a pump. Therefore, the pressure every stud remains nearly the same when using more hydraulic pressure. Also, flanges come in a uniform way. Uniform bolt loading guarantees a high level of accuracy by application a consistent force.

Save Labor and Time

Time-saving is possible when using a hydraulic tensioner because the tools can work simultaneously. Also, the load transfer factor is calculated which helps in providing the correct residual load, eliminating the possibility of errors that could take up more time and resources. When compared with hydraulic torque wrenches, a hydraulic tensioner is much faster and thus, helps saves plenty of time.

They are Easy and Safe to Use

Hydraulic-based tensioners have high ratios between power and weight. When compared with any torque tools, these tensioners are lighter and easier to handle. The majority of their applications can be handled easily by one operator. The operator needs to handle its load cell, bar, and puller bridge separately which are of lesser weight than any hydraulic wrench.

Increase Stud Life

A hydraulic tensioner allows users to eliminate thread galling and seizing. This results in longer stud life.

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