How Dust Might be Killing Your Construction Business

Dust is a silent killer in construction businesses. From excavating to operating construction equipment, construction activities generate dust in more ways than one. With that, this article talks about some of the ways by which dust might kill your construction company even before it takes off.

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  1. Dust Is a Health Risk for Workers

Construction dust harms workers. Direct exposure to dust can compromise the health and safety of the construction workers. It can lead to asthma, tuberculosis, silicosis, skin rashes, and lung cancer, among other problems. When the health of the workers is compromised, this will harm their productivity. In turn, it can also affect the profitability of the business. From personal protective equipment to misting cannons, construction companies should invest in equipment to minimize the health impacts of dust.

  1. Government Laws are Strict

In the United States, there are strict national and state laws that affect the operations of construction companies. Many of these laws are directed towards addressing air pollution, and it includes matters related to dust management. This means that using dust and odor control systems is mandatory and not optional. The failure to follow these laws can mean hefty fines of the business. Worse, this can also be a cause of the revocation of permits and licenses to operate.

  1. Public Perception Can be Negative

Public perception can make or break your business. With this, it is no longer surprising that many construction businesses are doing their best to improve their image and reputation. This can mean a more profitable business. If your construction company has a bad reputation because of your failure to manage dust effectively, you might end up losing your customers as they look for companies that show more concern to the environment.

  1. Equipment is Expensive

Construction equipment can generate toxic dust. While this is a common problem, one thing that can help to address the issue is to implement proper care and maintenance. Otherwise, the equipment will not demonstrate peak performance. This means that you will have to spend a lot for its maintenance and repair. Worse, when it needs a replacement, the price can be too steep for your business. With the high costs, this will affect the financial performance of your business.

  1. Prevent Explosion

Combustible dust is not as common in construction as it is in manufacturing and food processing, among other industries. However, especially if the construction is indoors, an explosion can be a problem. When dust gets in contact with ignition sources, there is a risk of explosion. To prevent this from happening, dust collection and ventilation systems are important.

Dust can kill not only humans but also your business. Without a robust approach to minimizing the dangers of dust, your construction company will suffer.

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