How To Make Your Storefront Signage Stand Out? Here’s A Guide!

Storefront signage is the first thing that people notice about a business, and it goes without saying that you cannot select a run-of-the-mill design. Most business owners try their best to have on signage, which is also a reason why they lose out of potential visitors. The good news is storefront signage doesn’t have to be expensive in the first place. With services like Magnify Signs Denver, you can customize your design and create something that works for your business. In this post, we are sharing a few tips on how you can make storefront signage stand out.

  • Readability counts. You might be tempted to use cursive letters or fonts that sound too arty, but that’s a wrong way to approach the design. The idea of good signage is to attract attention, and that only happens when people can actually read what is written. Don’t be too decorative in terms of fonts.

  • Make sure to keep the colors in consideration. Most people end up selecting colors that are either too much in contrast or too bright to be readable in day light. When it comes to storefront signage, you have to consider all the colors that are being used, and you don’t want to use a lot. A simple and basic rule is to use dark colored backgrounds, and you can choose colors like red, white, yellow or even neon shades for the text.
  • Know where to draw the line. That’s an aspect that many designers and signage services fail to address. Often, they overdo the design and elements, and that can actually mess with the purpose of quality signage. It is absolutely necessary to keep the signage as simple as possible, and do not use too many capital letters for your design.

Pricing and other aspects

While signage is always customized, the costs depend on many factors. Most services that deal in signage would want to know the kind of colors, design and style you want. Vinyl ones, for instance, don’t cost a lot. You may also want to get a fair idea of the costs. Illuminated signage always comes for an extra price, but that’s worth paying for, especially for restaurants, bars, and hotels. You may also want to review the range of products a signage service can offer, and depending on the custom needs, get an estimate in advance. Think of signage as the simplest way to gain more customers!

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