How to Overcome Sales Objections

If you work in a sales job you’ll understand that on a daily basis you are geared up to face sales objections. Whatever the industry you are working in, and whether you are taking inbound calls that you have to convert to specific sales, or outbound calls that are completely cold, there are several types of objections to be aware of. There is no harm whatsoever in looking for extra help from sales specialist that have experience in overcoming sales objections, and with the right contact centre support as an addition to your sales team you could soon reap the rewards and increase your conversions and sales.

Let’s take a look at a few of the more popular reasons callers give as to why they object to a sale. The first is to claim that they do not have the required authority to sign off on a purchase at this time. This may well be true so it is important that you remember to never get into that position in the first place. Always try to ask the question of who is the relevant decision maker as early as possible in the call. That way you know not to delve right into a long sales pitch to someone who can’t give you the answer you require. Of course, there might be some merit in passing on some information, as well as arranging to speak with the decision maker at a later date.

Another popular sales objection is to say that there is currently no budget to go with your product or service. Depending on the specific company’s budget and the timescale for planning and new budgets to be defined you can ask tentative questions about those timescales and whether you could put forward a quote to put alongside existing contracts when those decisions are due to be made.

The same can be said to an objection about already having another supplier that the company is happy with. If they are genuinely happy with the existing supplier there is very little you can do in the short-term, but it is always worth asking about the timing of current contracts, ask if you can send out literature about your company and service, and overcome objections with positive comparisons between the two services.

An objection that consists of stating that your prices are too expensive might be a legitimate one, but you can quickly decipher this by asking some simple probing questions about what they perceive to be a correct figure to pay for these services and products and ask if they have had cheaper quotes from other sources. This will help you to ascertain whether it is worth continuing with overcoming the objections or whether the expectations of both parties are already too far apart to be bridged.

By partnering up with a contact centre of experienced sales teams you can ensure your company understands sales objectives and how to overcome them, or understand when its best to close the call and move on to the next potential customer.

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