How to Successfully Transport Heavy Equipment

Shipping heavy equipment or machinery is a different process than other kinds of freight. It can cost more and comes with other challenges. This equipment must be properly moved and stored to avoid damage and mechanical faults that would lead to project delays and other problems. When transporting heavy equipment, the tips below can help in streamlining the process.

Ensure your Equipment is Not Classified as Wide Load

Heavy equipment like motor graders, wheel loaders, and crawler dozers may be classified as a wide load in your state. This classification means you have to pay more to a hauling company and get additional permits. If you want to avoid these extras, work out how to avoid this classification. Any equipment with a big or tall boom or bucket can be retracted completely or removed entirely. If the weight causes the “wide load” designation, try to remove accessories and attachments from the equipment and haul them separately to decrease the weight and cut the cost.

Prepare Equipment for the Move

A heavy haul trucking service can take care of thing like strapping the load down and securing it properly. But, your company needs to prepare the equipment for the move. Check the owner’s manual for instructions and special precautions like how to immobilize the moving parts.

When it comes to the interior, ensure the operating cab does not contain any moving items that could damage any levers, knobs, or buttons. Delicate interior components should be wrapped in bubble wrap for extra protection.

Work Out the Logistics

Before you schedule the pickup time, make sure you have already worked out the necessary logistics. Decide who will load the equipment onto the trailer and tie it down. Also, make sure you have enough space for the equipment’s loading and obtain all necessary permits.

Pick a Dependable Trucking Company

When choosing a transportation company, prioritize expertise over rate. You don’t want any start-up company to handle and move your construction equipment that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The right company uses the most suitable trailers such as a flatbed trailer depending on your equipment. Some professionals in your industry may be able to give your referrals. Just ensure to pick a company with a reliable track record and has proper licensing and insurance. Do your research online. Find customer reviews and see what their previous clients are saying. A dependable company should be known for their timely equipment delivery and careful equipment handling. Choosing the right company will give you peace of mind that your precious equipment is in good hands.

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