How To: Switchgear Servicing & Maintenance

If you are in the process of converting your property to a gas-powered energy source, you must have an electrician inspect your switchgear. switchgear servicing & maintenance is about more than just ensuring no physical defects or damages to the equipment. We will also make sure that all safety features are working correctly and provide recommendations on how to reduce future maintenance costs.

It’s also essential for business owners who rely on power from their own switchgear installations to be aware of safety issues related to their systems. Switchgear failures can lead to expensive repairs and costly disruptions in service if they happen during peak hours when demands for electricity are high. For these reasons, I encourage everyone with any type of switchgear to have it inspected and serviced at least once a year.

Call your local utility company and ask them if they allow private individuals to perform the work themselves or if you need special training or licenses to do so. You will also want to know their requirements for licensing outside of the normal process (even though many utilities offer free classes on switchgear servicing).

The Final Word

Also, you’ll want to get details about any certification requirements explicitly related to electric power equipment – this information is usually available online.

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