Improve Your Chances of Success with The Correct Production Team

If you want to improve the growth of your business then of course, advertising is really important but, beneath all of the colourful, slick sales methods that you might be using sits your production team and the production of the goods that you intend to sell.

A valued worker is a more productive one

Even if you are employing the services of a local factory team for production and packaging the likely hood is, they do the same job day in, day out so think of a way that you make even the smallest of differences to their day. Even if that is something as small as taking in some treats once a month to boost morale, it tends to be the little things that count and that go noticed.

There is a huge amount to be said for business owners who show respect to everyone at all levels, certainly in the cosmetic production industry (called ผลิตเครื่องสำอาง in Thai) whereby the workers can be seen as ‘number’.

For some this comes naturally, for others it will feel unnatural and will need a little more practice. People notice things like holding doors open for people or, asking them how they are, especially if it comes from a genuine place of care.

Get some help

If things like customer relations aren’t your forte then you might want to seek the services of a professional relationship builder, there are plenty of consultants available to help you with this key part of your business development and it needn’t cost an arm and a leg.

You may already have some really good salespeople within your business, if so delegate to them and get them to visit the factory as often as both parties feel is ‘comfortable’, continue to build stronger working relationships and you will likely see an increase of attitude and overall product/income generation.

Gather feedback

Feedback is nearly as important as the relationships that you are building, the workforce will come from different back grounds, have different drives and out looks on the jobs that they do.

By asking how people are getting on, is there anything that would make their job easier etc then you can really be to understand the team and company that are producing your sales line.

Proceed and Maintain

Relationship maintenance is absolutely imperative, as long as you stay open minded, caring, display empathy and understanding as well as showing a genuine interest in the well-being of the individuals who are working for you then you should have a loyal dedicated team for years to come.

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