Restart Your Business From Home Through AGM Webcast

After the advent of COVID-19, the corporate sector is troubled from all sides. In such an environment, it brought starvation and recession. But to keep companies running and kept money flowing, the ritual of work from home came in fashion. Work from home and the virtual webcast. Now every corporate can keep their work on. Every meeting with superiors, subordinates, and stakeholders is safe. Singapore government made this compulsory that every AGM will be conducted online. With the help of a virtual AGM webcast, quality of safety and distancing can be assured to every member.

Safety and security

AGM webcast is safe as the entry of not allowed members is restricted. The quality of data security is good. No other business rival can know your minutes of the meeting. Webcasts services are supportive corporate applications; they understand the meaning and need for privacy and secrecy. The expected members with whom the meeting link and password have been shared can join the webcast in one click. It doesn’t create obstacles in the joining process of authorized members.

Interruption less

It creates a platform, which pools many parties without any jerk in between. It keeps the channel on between the partners until they switch it off. Both of them have the right to log out of the panel whenever they feel like. Choices and preferences of every player s kept under the eye. Video conferencing is added with one more feature that 360(degree sign), with the button you can see through a 360-degree angle. Image quality and sound quality are good and different on every webcast channel. Your started channel will not hang because of some incoming call or message. Viewers can connect to the channel with any device connected to the internet, i.e., mobile, laptop, or PC.

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