What are other businesses of Muji?

There are many businesses of Muji Singapore apart from the main business. The MUJI Café&Meal division is the one that runs Café MUJI that serves desserts, cuisines, beverages and a lot more. Then comes the MUJI Campsite which runs on three campsites: The Tsunan Camp, the Minami Norikura Camp, and the Campagna Tsumagoi Camp.

The MUJI House Co. Ltd perceives the house as the home container. It is a safe and free space where the shell gives a flexible framework for the interior where the families can change and rearrange their living space by their own means. And lastly, IDEE designs and makes original furniture and interior designing materials. Apart from selling these, they also work in production, consulting and a lot more in the lifestyle businesses and green businesses.

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