What are the Pros and Cons of Using a Miniature Load Cell?

Almost every load cell applications have size limitations when it comes to the size of the load cell being in use. It is advisable to use miniature load cells when the tiniest size and weight of the sensor is needed. There are many people who ask for a miniature load cell, and not for a capable sensor, for an application where you don’t need to use a miniature load cells. It means that the application could have been more implemented more accurately with a physically bigger load cell, rather they select the miniature or subminiature design which is not ideal for the application in use. This article discusses the pros and cons of using a miniature load cells.

  • The miniature load cells are ideal for applications when the accuracy needs for the scale or test are not of paramount nature. Many applications don’t need high degree of accuracy. Know that this is what miniature load cell is meant for.


  • Sometimes, miniature load cells are costlier than their bigger counterparts. The distinction between them is the cost, this is because a mini load cell is harder to make than the standard sized load cells. Albeit, it may be more expensive in a few instances, the miniature load cells are ideal when they fulfill your requirements.
  • Almost every load cell has its own miniature version like canister, button, S type and thru hole designs. The latest noted failure to minimizing a sensor is that you mess up or compromise with the accuracy, the most inevitable benefit is the size. This fits where the standard load cell doesn’t. There are many types of load cells in mini category like micro, subminiature and miniature. The smaller they are in size, the more reduction in accuracy and the cost increases. On an average, a miniature load cell always has a non-redundant specification of 0.2 to 1 percent of the full scale capacity. If you are using a standard size load cell, then the range of error would be 2-10x more.

  • A miniature load cell is ideal for portable applications, particularly for bigger capacity sensors. Its convenience factor is a huge pro, they are easy to handle and easy to fit with the load cell display for on the go jobs. When you secure these instruments and sensors easily, you can eradicate the risk of damage when transporting the same.

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